Talking CBD Skincare

July 21, 2017

Got sensitive skin and find yourself forever on the hunt for a merchandise that strikes just the right balance between being gently nourishing, but still genuinely effective? Well, my good friend, I’d personally just have could for you. Introducing your new skin BFF: Cannabis.

Just in case you think you could potentially have read previously mentioned sentence wrong – rest assured I can clarify that your vision are in fact in perfect working order. Yep! CBD Beauty Products (derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant) is not just here on this planet as a juicy joint, but another highly prized crucial part with the unique ability treat even most problem skin conditions; from acne and psoriasis to dermatitis and might.

Allow me show them you to HempTouch – the new nurturing skincare brand in the natural beauty’ game founded by a passionate team, who had for years been dealing with issues but were struggling to find high quality products to suit their personal needs. In short: After regarding research and endless trial and errors, they have stop by know exactly what kind of ingredients always be key to relieving skin problems – along with which ones should be ignored. So that’s when they set out generate a selective array of skincare goods that reflect their revolutionary findings; all made using the best certified herbal the contents.

The main ingredient that makes up the Hemptouch range? Hemp seed oil – which they cold-press themselves (hey, kudos to them!) to ensure that they maintain those kick ass omegas and aminos that make it so different contrary to the rest, as they’ll come to list. With the ability to secure moisture, pack in the bunch of enhancing antioxidants and even provide a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the skin – really it can only lead me to wonder why CBD products aren’t the go to for all skin prescriptions

Now, I will say that items themselves are very simple: Absolutely zero perfumes, dyes or alcohol are included in order to permit hemp go ahead and work it’s magic, undisturbed. Therefore you’re more easily into the luxurious lotions and potions with scents that make them smell good enough to eat – then these guys probably are not really your jam. However, if you will get bored of going through the same old prescription creams and standard E45 bottles – perhaps it is simply time to embrace Cannabis for which it is: Natures own way finding you high’ off from all the skin troubles that can, let’s face it, get you feeling down. After all, our skin is our biggest organ and 60% of what we lather in order to it is in order to be absorbed – and when it isn’t looking or feeling good on you, it can affect all areas of the life: From personal esteem levels to simple every day social situations. Me? I’m lucky enough to be blessed with pretty normal skin’ – however my Mum has suffered with psoriasis for years as an unfortunate Candida symptom terrifying can instantly consider a few mates who know the infamous acne struggle all too skillfully. Overall, not such a fun situation to along with.


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