First things first: CBD oil in skin care is often nothing new

July 9, 2017

Much like other sorts of stoner-related items, weed-based beauty products are suddenly chic. Moisturizers, lip balms, candles and even fancy serums spiked with cannabidiol oil one of the several natural compounds found in the cannabis plant additional derivatives of the cannabis plant have begun to appear in the latest crop (pun definitely intended) of beauty lines that try to appeal to an attractive consumer base. Refer to it The Alexander Wang/Rihanna Effect: for fashion people, displaying one’s penchant for pot is cool. But as it turns out, weed (well, more specifically, CBD oil) is one more really great beauty ingredient CBD beauty products.

First things first: CBD oil in skin care is truly nothing new. And before you even ask, no, it’s not going to provide you high. “It’s important to recognize that hemp seed oil has been utilized for decades on account of the skin benefits, while it comes from a plant related to marijuana, it doesn’t contain high amounts of the compound THC the agent responsible for the psychoactive results of marijuana,” says Dr .. Joshua Zeichner, the Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. He’s a big proponent of the ingredient when it in order to skin care. Once i asked if he’d recommend CBD-oil-based products to his patients, he didn’t hesitate: “Definitely. They provide excellent hydration from natural sources.”

There’s science that supports the notion that CBD oil is actually a reasonably remarkable and effective skin-care ingredient. “There is lab data suggesting that cannabis seed oil is anti-inflammatory and should help decrease activity of oil glands, which may explain a benefit in acne,” says Zeichner, citing a 2014 study. By way of helping skin retain moisture, CBD oil might be effective there as excellent. “Cannabis oil is rich in fatty acids, which fill a cracks between skin cells like mortar between bricks. It also has moisturizing and skin soothing properties, which makes it useful in treating dry skin and rashes like eczema,” says Zeichner.

But, like many natural beauty products, hemp- and CBD-oil spiked skin care has struggled to break away from its decidedly un-chic Haight Ashbury image until recently. A growing number of brands are lifetime remedy the ingredient’s image through creating aesthetically pleasing, Instabait product lines that incorporate it.


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