Being careful of Betta Fish – Some Tips and Suggestions You Can Follow

August 13, 2017

The betta fish is indeed a popular aquarium fish because of its attractive colors. Aside from this, the betta is also relatively easy to take care, thus appealing for any who want to the aquarium even if get less time. However, like any other aquarium fishes, experience to take into consideration some important things in taking care of betta fish to make them healthy in the tank for your fish.

Also called Siamese fighting fish, for a jog of fish however is only able live up to two three years. Occasion important assume also in case you are interested to buy in getting a betta for your aquarium, get to learn everything about this fish, from food to water needs as well as their behavior. Here are some tips to help you in mindful of betta fish and making them a healthy part of the aquarium.

– Betta fish thrive in shallow waters in its original habitat thus can survive from a small tank but advertising want come up with your fish happier, an even bigger fish tank can prevent her fins from carrying. A larger fish tank can also make her move in a relaxed way.

– Betta fish also love warm temperature. Bettas are originally from Thailand (or Siam) and survive in hot and warm waters, thus you must make certain that you have the right hot and cold levels for your betta. In taking proper care of betta fish, keep in mind that a temperature below 75 degrees may make them be less active. A temperature starting 77 to 80 degrees would be fine for your own betta.

– Within mind mind in order to mention put two or more male betta fish every other. They are not called Siamese fighting fish for free. Male bettas are aggressive towards other males and can fight to death. You’ll add a partition to your tank in wish to get two or more male bettas. Do not also strive to put them together along with aggressive varieties of fishes. Avoid putting in numerous long finned fishes the with colorful fins when they can be mistaken end up being betta fish and can be attacked together with male bettas.

– For female bettas, you can however put groups of three together. Putting a pair of female betta on your fish tank may upward one being picked with dominant one particular. Also provide structures permit anyone allow your female bettas to hide if you putting several of them in a tank.

– Don’t overdecorate your fish tank with structures that can tear the fins of one’s betta do some fishing. You may have to put in sand and gravel and some floating plants but not bigger structures that can damage their bout.

– Cover your tank for your fish to prevent them from jumping off. This aquarium fish can jump close to three inches high and definately will easily emerge of the tank when the water level is immediately below the brim. You can also lower down the water level to 80 % to prevent them from leaping out among the tank.

These short-lived some of your tips guide you you in taking good betta trout. If you are drawn to bringing home a betta, make certain to learn everything you can about them.


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